Travel Astronomy is not about the stars you find in the sky. Rather, it’s about the paths taken by a different breed of star right here on planet earth.

An obvious takeoff on George Washington Slept Here, this travel website has articles and pictures about resorts, restaurants, countries and cities frequented by the people whose faces we see on TV, in the movies and in the newspapers.

Because these so-called A-listers have buckets of money and unconventional schedules, their little black books are filled with appointments at the world’s best spas and resorts, all of which we cover right here.

Forget TripAdvisor where Marvin from Muskogee, Oklahoma proffers advice on the local Days Inn. This is the place to find out where celebrities stay when they’re not on the set and when they are.

The creator of this website has been a travel writer for 20 years. She has written three books for National Geographic and covered her travel adventures for such magazines as Travel+Leisure, Cooking Light, Outside and Scientific American Explorations. And even though she lives in Kansas, in an income bracket far removed from Hollywood, she frequents many of the same places as the stars. She has stayed in suites that the night before hosted Billy Joel and Christy Brinkley, sat in restaurants next to Burt Reynolds and Nicole Kidman (not together, she must add) and golfed in carts right behind Sly Stallone.

She also happens to be a correspondent for People magazine, so this travel website is her feeble attempt to at last pull her two beats together.