Not only is Angelina Jolie in the Hungarian capital working on an unnamed film (it’s her directorial debut) about a Serbian man who attempts to rescue his Muslim lover from a Bosnian POW camp, but the Budapest edition of Robert DeNiro’s Japanese restaurant Nobu had its grand opening.

Paparazzi hoping to snap photos of Angelina and her brood lined up at several of Budapest’s luxe hotels (the Kempenski, the Corinthia and the art nouveau Four Seasons, to name a few), but the savvy mother of six rented a 10-bedroom villa on 8.6 acres in Hegyvidek, a gorgeous garden-filled suburb far from media eyes.

She enrolled Pax and Maddox in an exclusive private school in Mariaremete where Pax allegedly has a Hungarian sweetheart.

Brad joined Angelina on Friday, flying in with the twins, after filming scenes for his upcoming “Moneyball” in Boston. He has been spotted riding the streets of Budapest on a shiny BMW motorcycle and even accidentally zoomed up to meet his family at the wrong house, not that the neighbors minded.

Robert DeNiro, of course, was also in Budapest this week for the Eastern European debut of Nobu, the Japanese restaurant he started with celebrity chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa. Jeremy Irons was also in attendance and although Brad and Angie were invited, they either snuck in the back door for quick nibble of Nobu’s famous yellow-tail sashimi with jalapeno (as some reported) or they sent their regrets.

Either way, Budapest is buzzing this week with paparazzi.