The new Eau de Vie Suite at Kohler’s tony American Club is so fabulously tempting that it nearly led a troop of girl scouts to their financial demise.

The troop, on tour of the historic five-diamond resort, took one look at the suite with the seven-foot chromatherapy tub, the glass-paneled fireplace and its own personal elevator and immediately asked to set up camp for the night. That year’s cookie sales, they pointed out, raked in just enough to cover the suite’s $1000 a night price tag. Luckily, their troop leader steered them in a more prudent direction.

But for those with big enough wallets to afford the new French-named suite (Eau de Vie translates to “Water of Life”), it’s worth every penny. Like all 240 rooms at the hotel that was originally built to house the Kohler Company’s single immigrant workers, it showcases the company’s upscale plumbing appliances. Only in this suite, the crème de la crème in an already luxe resort, the bathroom takes center stage. The overflowing tub, perhaps the only hotel tub in the world in which Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could comfortably relax, has an artistic overhead spicket and LED light ports that sequentially change to eight different hues.

As for the giant shower, it’s operated digitally and, thanks to its custom sound, light, water and steam features, offers six different sensory journeys. Perhaps, those girl scouts could have scored a few travel badges, after all.

With handcrafted lights from Florence, Italy and mosaic rose tiling by Ann Sacks, the Eau de Vie suite comes with a special bottle of Eau de Vie brandy, canapés and fresh flowers. Just don’t trade it for Girl Scout cookies.

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