Getting rejected by Brad Womack on the 15th season of The Bachelor may have been the best thing to ever happen to Ashley Hebert.

Not only did she get her own show (Season 7 of The Bachelorette), but she was able to invite suitors to a 3000-square-foot villa at Fiji’s ever-amazing Namale Resort and Spa. And she’s not the only celeb to have had her name carved into a huge piece of wood at this luxury resort in Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island.

Russell Crowe, Donna Karan, Meg Ryan, Edward Norton and Tom Selleck are just a few stars whose names have been carved and hung from the doorway of a Namale bure, just one of many special touches guests can expect at this remote getaway on the Koro Sea.

Namale is owned by motivational speaker/author Tony Robbins, himself a bit of a household name, and has everything from its own private waterfall to one of the best fitness centers in the South Pacific. It even has a bowling alley where you can bowl barefoot.

Namale’s slogan, “Separate Yourself from the Rest of the World” is no exaggeration. It has 325 acres, 200 of which are protected rainforest, and only 19 bures and villas. That means you pretty much have the place to yourself. Each bure (Fijian cottage) has a thatched roof, Fijian hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, infinity pools and hanging beds.

As remote as it is, there’s plenty to do at this five-star resort from horseback riding and picnics at the waterfall to couples massage and yoga classes at the 10,000-square foot spa.

But perhaps my favorite feature, besides the fact that Tony provides scholarships for the kids of all employees, are the stones each guest receive. When a guests checks out, he or she is invited to carve a note into the stone, a memory will stay on this property in paradise forever.