No word yet on whether Taylor Swift’s new album will feature the song she wrote this year about the Kennedy clan.

But we do know she’s spending a lot of time in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts at the Kennedy family compound, first on Fourth of July and last weekend in a rental house on the massive property.

Swift first met the famous family through Rory, whose HBO documentary “Ethel,” about her mother, widow of Robert Kennedy, debuted this year at Sundance.

Swift, who has been fascinated with the famous family for years, asked the documentary filmmaker if it might be possible to meet Ethel and Rory said, “Sure, here’s her number.”

Taylor turned heads when she showed up at the ski town-turned indie film nexus holding hands and giggling like schoolgirls with 83-year-old Ethel.

For the record, Swift called the movie, “moving, hilarious, and beautiful.”

More recently, America’s sweetheart was spotted holding hands with Kennedys closer to her own age. During the Fourth of July bash where the patriotic clan dressed up in red, white and blue wigs, hats and other crazy costumes, it was speculated the 22-year-old music diva was hooking up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Patrick. Especially when he tweeted that Fourth of July 2012 was the best ever.

But during last week’s visit to the family’s Cape Cod estate, the six-time Grammy award winner was caught on camera gleefully consorting with Conor Kennedy, Ethel’s 18-year-old grandson, the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. They reportedly went sailing, went to a party and even attended church together. The New York Post claims it was their third date.

Conor, who is four years younger than the Nashville superstar, turned 18 on July 24 and, unlike Swift who registered to vote on her 18th birthday, immediately filed to be administrator of his dead mother’s estate. Mary Kennedy, 52, hung herself on May 16.

So while we can only speculate on whether Swift’s song about the Kennedys will make the cut for her new album, this we know for sure. If won’t feature backup vocals from anybody in the Kennedy clan. “We love to sing,” Rory reports. “But we are actually terrible, terrible singers.”