Long before Lindsay Lohan was thrown into the LA clinker, she willingly spent the night in a Boston jail that has also seen the likes of Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, Morgan Freeman and Mick Jagger.

Only the “jail” in Boston has gothic chandeliers, a soaring 90-foot atrium and hasn’t seen a hardened criminal since 1990 when it was officially closed down after being condemned 20 years earlier.

The Boston jail, after a $150 million renovation and a cleansing ceremony by Buddhist monks, reopened in 2007 as the ultra-luxe Liberty Hotel.

But that doesn’t mean this Leading Hotel of the World doesn’t riff on its 12-decade history of incarcerating bad guys. The former drunk tank is now a bar (it’s cleverly called Alibi), the servers at Clink wear shirts stenciled with prison numbers and instead of “Do Not Disturb” signs, those wanting privacy hang out signs that say “In Solitary.”

Jailbirds Diaz and Rodriquez spent their time in solitary in the hotel’s rooftop Ebersol Suite, a 2200-square-foot monstrosity with wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows.

But all of the hotel’s 298 rooms are big (400 to 800 square feet) and lush, most with views overlooking the Charles River.

The jail’s former exercise yard is now a perfectly-coiffed private courtyard where the hotels throws “Yappier Hours” for the pooch and go set every Wednesday and the catwalks, once patrolled by guards, lead to rooms that have been fashioned out of former jail cells.

Liberty Hotel offers complimentary shoeshines, regular walking tours of Boston’s storied Beacon Hill neighborhood and a running concierge, whatever that is.

To find out more about this unique penitentiary, check out their website at www.libertyhotel.com.