Psst, wanna see a George Clooney movie that’s not in theaters and probably never will be? It’s a short documentary about a surprise trip he made to Costa Rica last year in support of sustainable, fair trade coffee production.

In fact, that’s the main reason I’m a Clooney fan. Sure, he’s handsome, but I like his politics. He’s an activist who uses his pretty face to make a difference. This website, of course, simply borrows his name because it’s a perfect play on the George Washington Slept Here theme. So while other sites are offering half-baked stories about his holiday trip to Cabo with galpal Stacy Keibler, we’re showing a movie of his time in Costa Rica doing what he does best: changing the world.

On this quick trip, he toured coffee plantations with Ecolaboration, a group working to insure fair prices for local coffee farmers.

Click here to see the movie.

While in Costa Rica, Clooney also did a little R and R at Asclepios Wellness and Healing Retreat.

Asclepios, if you’re not up on your Greek gods, was considered the god of medicine. Unlike the 12 gods of Olympus, Asclepios earned his deity the hard way. He practiced medicine on the Thessalian plains and was so good at it, he was given the god nod. In fact, the reason the snake is the symbol of medicine is because Asclepios turned himself into one when he was summoned by the Romans during a devastating plague.

But enough Greek history. The spa just outside of San Jose near the Poas Volcano is named for this deity because it’s a place of healing. The owner, a lawyer turned naturopath, opened this amazing refuge of healing after studying energy medicine and other healing modalities. It was her way of using her unique set of skills and knowledge to do what Clooney likes to do: improve quality of life.

Asclepio is small (only 12 rooms, each unique and gorgeously decorated), but it has a fitness center, a yoga and meditation pavilion, a Turkish bath, a tempered ionized pool and a team of bright, energetic holistic practitioners. And the best part? There’s little to do but rest and relax. The staff, of course, can set up all the typical Costa Rican activities–ziplining, volcano viewing, jungle tours—but why leave paradise.