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The world’s most laidback celebrity

I’ve traveled next to lots of celebrities–Nicole Kidman, Sylvester Stallone, Billy Joel, to name just a couple. I even spent a 14-hour flight from Australia to LA playing cards with ski movie superstar, Glen Plake, minus the mohawk.

But the celebrity I met on my recent trip to Quebec City was, by far, the most agreeable. Not once did he complain. Or refuse to sign an autograph. Or balk at the never-ending demands of his handler. When he accidentally spilled pizza sauce on his beard while dining at Savini Resto-Bar on the Grande-Allée, a trendy street frequented by lots of hipsters, he didn’t pout or insist on immediate clean-up. No, he happily posed while groupies eagerly snapped photos while tomato sauce dribbled down his most treasured feature.

Yes, I’m talking about Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome who, like me, was visiting this 400-year-old city for the annual New France Festival. He’d already visited Quebec City during the famous Winter Carnival. That he came back, after being forced to sleep frozen in a block of ice at the famous Hotel de Glace, is a testament to his unwavering affability.

The well-known spokesgnome even agreed, in order to get into the spirit of Les Fetes de la Nouvelle-France, as they call this Signature Canadian event, to don a black, three-cornered hat on top of his signature red, pointy one.

I’m telling you, the guy can roll. Over the course of our four-day trip, he posed for countless photos, drank mass quantities of apple cider (without a single hiccup) and endured six swords all aimed at his pointy little head, not once forsaking his enigmatic little smile.

Even when people would gush, “mon petit mignon” (which I think means, “my cute little darling”), he, unlike most short dudes I know, took it all in with an uncommon stoicism.

It’s no wonder Travelocity keeps renewing the little guy’s contract.

Oops! Nothing like sharing your honeymoon with Eva Langoria

It’s a good thing St. Regis Bora Bora has private massage rooms. So private, in fact, that you’re taken by your masseuse to your own island.

That was the good news for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban who honeymooned at this five-star resort in 2006. The bad news is Eva Langoria and hubbie Tony Parker had also chosen this resort on Motu Ome, one of the small Pacific islands that constitute Bora Bora, for a summer getaway. Located on 44 acres, this tropical paradise was also featured in Vince Vaughn’s recent groaner, Couples Retreat.

Luckily, the resort is a thousand times better than the movie. The resort has 30 bungalows and 70 1,550 and up-square-foot villas, all spread out over the lagoon where octopi, tropical fish and turtles swim. Many of the villas have Jacuzzis and private swimming pools (thank goodness, for the honeymooners).

Activities at this private resort include jeep safaris, diving, hiking, sailing and shark and ray feeding, absolute must-do’s.

Cyclone Oli left its mark last February, but in reopened in June with special offers through October 31. Call 877.787.3447 or check out their website here.